Who We Are

David H. Mangum, Geologist, Petroleum Engineer, M.B.A., President,
The Energy Exchange was founded by David, a Petroleum Engineer, Geologist, and Financial Specialist with over 45 years experience with six Fortune 100 Companies (Tenneco, Mobil, Shell, Schlumberger, Xerox Data Systems, and Coastal-El Paso).  He also served as an Intelligence Officer with Strategic Air Command where he graduated from the U.S. Air War College.  He was a Licensed NASD Investment Banker and Energy Fund Wholesaler; a Licensed Professional Engineer for 27 years, the founder of an engineering and geological consulting company (ERCO); the Chairman of Houston’s oldest Internet Service Provider; the founder of one of the first international energy companies organized under NAFTA guidelines; the founder of an oil well service company that uses coiled tubing lateral jet drilling to revive marginal oil wells; and he helped create many small independent oil companies.  Mr. Mangum took two of these companies public.  He studied Geology at Mississippi State University, received a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas, and he earned a Presidential M.B.A. from Pepperdine University.
William Olson, Geologist, Geophysicist, Attorney, MBA, San Francisco, California
Bill is currently the President of ERCO-Energy Resources Co., Inc., the technical arm of the Energy Exchange.  Bill has been active in oil and gas exploration and production for 30 years.  He managed projects for Chevron and other international joint ventures.  Mr. Olson has conducted in excess of 100 trials. He earned a Masters degree in Geophysical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.  He also holds degrees in Geology, Finance, Law, and an M.B.A.
Cesar Abeigne, PhD., – Geophysics & Engineering, Houston, Texas
Dr. Abeigne has served as Geophysicist/Geologist for Elf-Aquitaine, Shell and Total. Mr. Abeigne completed his PhD dissertation at Montpellier University, France followed by publication in 1999. He then joined Schlumberger and performed Seismic to Simulation 3D static modeling and advanced workflows design on Fracture Modeling in Petrel (Discrete Fracture Network Models) for operators world-wide. Mr. Abeigne is uniquely qualified to verify natural fracture mapping using state-of-the-art Petrel 3D Geocellular Reservoir interpretation and modeling techniques. He is a recognized expert in 3D seismic interpretation in SMT Kingdom and Petrel, Pre-stack/AVO & Post-stack Seismic attributes, Geo-body, well correlation, structural reservoir 3D Modeling, Facies modeling, Petrophysical analysis and Modeling with Interactive Petrophysics, volume calculation, Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) models with Petrel.
Vladimir Ingerman, Ph.D., Petrophysicist, Houston, Texas
Dr. Ingerman has over 30 years experience in petrophysics, software development, geoscience disciplines, and international business development. He is a twenty-year veteran of oil exploration and development in Russia. He was Vice President of Tyumenneftegeophysica (the number two geophysical company in former Soviet Union), and he worked for Halliburton and Schlumberger in the U.S.A. He worked as a consultant for PEMEX, PDVSA, Maersk Oil, Petrobras, Shell International and El Paso. He holds also Doctor of Technical Science Degree in Institute of Oil-Chemical and Gas Industry from Moscow and has 47 professional publications including a book.
Dennis S. McMurdie, Geologist, Salt Lake City, Utah
Dennis is a certified AAPG Geologist who has been in private practice since 1983. He owned and operated his own placer gold mine in Alaska where he became very experienced in the practical aspects of gold mining. Dennis has also worked gold and silver mines in Utah, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Old Mexico. He previously served as the Head Geologist for a division of Union Oil Company of California. Dennis also served as a geologist for Southland Royalty Company and as a geologist for the THUMS Consortium that developed the oilfields in the Los Angeles Basin. Dennis received a B.S. in Geology from Brigham Young University and he received a Masters Degree in Earth Science from the University of Utah, where he taught Geology for two years. He also taught Geology at California State University. Dennis is a member of six Geological Societies, including the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Geological Society of America, Society of Professional Earth Scientists, and he is featured in Who’s Who in the South and Southwest.
Jim Evans, Geophysicist, Denver, Colorado
Jim has extensive geophysical experience with Schlumberger, Geoquest, Geoscan, Mitchell Energy, Amerada Hess and Phillips.  He received a B.S in Earth Science from the University of Tulsa.
Darin H. Mangum – General Counsel, Provo, Utah
Mr. Mangum is a securities attorney in private practice. He served as a director of Rocky Mountain Energy Exchange, Inc., a regional oil and gas project clearinghouse, from 1993 through 1997 and completed two internships with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 1998. He also is a principal at Corpus Capital LLC, a private real estate concern, and serves on the board of Energy Capital Group, LLC, and Well Enhancement Services, LLC, both privately-held oil and gas service companies based in The Woodlands, Texas.  His practice includes oil and gas law, real estate, corporate finance, mergers, acquisitions, and securities law compliance. His clients include private issuers, hedge funds, NASD broker/dealers, registered investment advisors, and individual investors.  Darin received his Juris-Doctorate Law Degree  from Brigham Young University and he is an active member of both the Utah State Bar and the Texas State Bar.
Belkis Fernandez – Petroleum Engineer, Caracas, Venezuela
Belkis worked for Schlumberger in Houston, Texas where she managed reservoir simulation projects and provided software training in both English and Spanish for major and independents oil companies. She holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Reservoir and Production Engineering from the Armed Forces University in Venezuela, where she also completed the Oil and Gas International Education Program.
Georges Nama, Esq. – Legal Advisor, Houston, Texas
Mr. Georges Nama, is an international O&G attorney with extensive experience in the drafting, negotiating and litigating Production Sharing Agreements for National Oil Companies and International Oil Companies.  He holds a Post Juris-Doctorate Degree in International Oil and Gas Law.  He has traveled throughout Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East to conduct oil and gas business law.
Gerald Avery, Financial Associate, The Woodlands, Texas
Gerald has over thirty years experience in various financial business development capacities.  He worked at Lockheed-Martin in a technical capacity.  Gerald is responsible for coordinating energy project listings for the Energy Exchange.  He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado.
Alex X. Galloway, Information Technology Director, The Woodlands, Texas
Alex specializes in information technology and modernizes all aspects of the Energy Exchange. He has fifteen years experience in multiple computer programming languages and website development.   Besides his computer expertise, he is fluent in Portuguese and familiar with multiple types of technical equipment.  He has a BS in biochemistry and is currently working towards a MS in Computer Science.
Michael W. Page, Ph.D., M.B.A., Geologist, Houston, Texas
Dr. Page work history is with Shell Oil Company (UK), Kolding (Denmark), and Amtech (USA). He received his B.S. in Engineering from Hyde College of Technology in England and his M.B.A. from the U.S. Army Academy. He has also completed a post graduate study program to research industrial technologies in New York.
Grant Lowry, Geologist, Technical Associate, Calgary Office, Alberta, Canada
Mr. Lowey has over 20 years experience as a Petroleum Geologist. He has been associated with ERCO for three years, and has most recently been on a consulting assignment with The Kuwait Oil Company modeling fractured reservoirs. He began his career 20 years ago with Saskoil in the exploitation of Exxon/Mobil assets with horizontal drilling programs, and outpost exploitation. His areas of expertise include integration of reservoir models, 3D & 4D seismic attributes, structural, reservoir properties, and fracture modeling.  Mr. Lowey has worked in both exploration and development of the Bakken Shale. He has also worked in the Gulf of Mexico, Permian Basin, and South America. He has extensive experience in 3D modeling applied to exploitation of non-conventional source rock reservoirs, and complex carbonate/clastic reservoirs, with horizontal well 4D Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects, such as the Bakken Shale in the Williston Basin. Mr. Lowey receive his degree in Advanced Petroleum Geology from the University of Regina, Canada, with business school.
Janson Durney, MBA, Kingwood, Texas
Janson served two tours of duty in Iraq as a tank commander.  He is a graduate of West Point Military Academy.
Alan Tomkow, Financial Associate, Montgomery, Texas
Rick Veale, Crude Oil Trading Coordinator, Houston, Texas
Eddie Tillman, Computer Engineer, The Woodlands, Texas
Alex Galloway, Webmaster, The Woodlands, Texas
John Lewis, Funds Manager and Banking Advisor, The Woodlands, Texas
Roger Allen, Geologist, San Antonio, Texas
David Guild, Financial Coordinator, The Woodlands, Texa
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