Energy Exchange Membership Options

Receive a free 30 day trial Basic Membership here.  No Credit Card required.

By registering, you will receive a 30 day free trial Basic Membership.  This Basic Membership will give you access to the summaries of the projects listed on the Exchange.  When you tell us your needs, we will transmit your needs to our network of Independent Financial and Technical Associates and one or more of them may choose to contact you regarding how they may serve you.  Potential investors may obtain information on the various projects from the Independent Associate most familiar with the specific project in which you have expressed interest.   The Basic Membership does not entitle you to any specific amount of consulting time from any Associate.   An Associate will contact you and explain the many investment options available and then put you in contact with the Technical Associate for each specific project.  After your initial discussion, he may choose to send you a geological report or Business Plan regarding the project and/or put you in direct contact with the company offering the project.

The Energy Exchange Associate does not act in the capacity of a broker — he may share his personal opinion regarding the project; however, your investment decisions must be made based on information received from the project owner.   The investor makes his purchase directly from the company offering the project — not from or through the Energy Exchange.   The investor never makes an investment in or through the Energy Exchange, since this option is not available.  The investor enters into a purchase agreement – never with the Energy Exchange.  The Associate is sometimes pre-paid a Consulting Fee either by the oil company or by the potential investor.  In many cases, the oil company pays the Associate to screen the potential investors and briefly explain their project to them.  The Associate is compensated directly from the company that offers that particular project.  This fee is typically the same amount as the company would pay their internal people for providing a similar function.  However, the Energy Exchange Associate is free to express his personal opinions regarding the project, whereas the company employee may lose his job if he were to express anything negative about his company’s project.

If you are a Company with a project that needs funding, you should send an executive summary of your project to us.   This summary will be sent to our Independent Associates and one or more of them may elect to spend time trying to help you fund your project.   While our management may encourage Associates to work on specific projects, we cannot direct them to do so.

The cost of this membership is $295 per year.

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In addition to all the benefits of Basic Membership with the Energy Exchange, clients holding a Premium Membership will receive priority attention.  A client becomes a Premium Member simply by engaging the personal services of at least one Energy Exchange Associate.  Each Associate is an independent agent and will have his own fee structure.   For example, you may retain an Associate of your choice for as little as eight hours per month.  The selected Technical Associate may either be a Petroleum Engineer, Geologist, Geophysicist, Attorney, or in many cases a combination of these disciplines.   The Financial Associate may have an MBA or some specialized financial or marketing expertise.

The fact that you have a Premium Membership demonstrates to everyone in the Associates Network that you are a serious buyer or seller – and not just a “Tire-Kicker”.

The cost of this Membership ranges from about $500 per month to $1,600 per month, depending on your selected Associate(s).  This fee is not paid to the Energy Exchange – it is paid directly to your selected Associate.  Tell us your needs and we will put you into contact with one or more Associates that will describe how they will serve you.

While we are a technical and financial consulting firm, our focus is not to generate consulting income — our focus is to connect funding sources with projects and earn an interest in those projects.  For this reason, our Associates will often reimburse all consulting fees, which is often just a small fraction of what is earned.

Premium Membership not only obligates the Energy Exchange Associate to give priority service to this client, it lets dozens of other Associates know that this client is very serious and therefore worthy of his time.

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