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Welcome to the Energy ExchangeThe Energy Exchange is an association of engineers, geologists, geophysicists, attorneys, and financial professionals dedicated to providing a bridge between the petroleum technical community and the financial community. We are the petroleum industry’s oldest oil and gas property multiple listing service — its database describes hundreds of available energy projects ranging from about thousand to billion. Contact us to learn more about how oil and gas projects can reduce your taxes and increase your Return on Investment. Energy Exchange has enabled many financial professionals to provide their clients with rewarding energy investment portfolios. Learn more… 
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Available Projects

The Energy Exchange has hundreds of oil and gas projects available for acquisition including exploratory wells, developmental drilling prospects, producing oil and gas wells, pipelines, refineries, and oil and gas production contracts. These opportunities are both domestic and foreign. The Exchange links buyers with sellers and collects a consulting fee, which is typically paid by the seller. If you are interested in investments in oil and gas or in enhancing your financial portfolio, Contact Us.
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